California Labor Law Alert

Here’s why being an employer in California demands extra vigilance:

  • The cost of defending a labor lawsuit can readily exhaust a million dollars (excluding judgments).
  • Given the disruption and expense of a lawsuit, even the “successful” defense of such an action cannot be viewed as a victory, or a solution.
  • California laws make it extremely easy for employees to sue an employer.
  • California laws make it easy for employees to win, and force the employer to pay for their attorneys... unless you are prepared.

Here’s how you prepare:

  • Create a legally-potent employee handbook or manual, which includes all legal protections permitted by law; many companies fail to take this important step.
  • Make sure your handbook is regularly updated, so its protective qualities are not undermined by frequent changes in law.
  • If employees complain about working conditions, or if you are thinking about firing an employee, call me immediately, to be certain that you follow specific procedures to avoid legal exposure.
  • With the above three simple precautions you’ll short circuit at least 80% of even the most aggressive plaintiffs’ lawyers.
  • For the final 20% you’ll need to up your game significantly. Take advantage of my introductory special to be sure you’re fully protected.

Special note:
While I can’t guarantee that you’ll never be sued when represented by my office, I can tell you this: of the hundreds of employers I have represented and advised, not one has ever been taken to court for any labor-related claim with these precautions in place. . . and I’ve been practicing labor law since 1981. I have a superlative record. If you want that kind of experience on your side, give me a call. I’d be happy to help.

Ounce of Prevention


Exclusive tips from one of California’s premiere Labor Law Attorneys on how to prevent a lawsuit.

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